What Materials Do We Use for Our Windows?

We offer the options for tempered glass, tinted glass and reinforced glass. During the manufacture stage, each panel is carefully checked for signs of damage and it’s this strict quality control that allows us to provide our customers with the very best in quality, whilst remaining at the most affordable price.

We manufacture some of the finest aluminium frames available, all of which are guaranteed to be durable, reliable and look great all year round. Our aluminium frames are also compatible with our entire range of glass windows; all the better for our customers to be able to mix and match to their requirements.

We offer an even greater range of styles and our windows have become quite the staple of our business so if you’d like to discuss your options, for a quote or even for more information, please feel free to get in touch with one of our helpful advisors today! We can really be the difference between your property falling by the way side, or being the talk of the town, so for an elegant, stylish set of windows that you can afford, contact Orion Aluminium now.

Sliding Windows

When it comes to sliding windows, we really know our stuff. Not only will the windows themselves be cut and sized to fit your location specifically, but they’ll work so well with the aluminium framing that you’ll wonder what you did before them. Aluminium sliding windows are a great way to let extra natural light in, enjoy a cool breeze, or simply improve the look and feel of your property.
504 Residential Sliding Window
531 SoundOUT Secondary Glazed Sliding Window
602 MAGNUM Sliding Window (Double Sash)
461 Sliding Window
462 Architectural Sliding Window (Double Sash)
662 Architectural Sliding Window (150mm)
701 SlideMASTER Sliding Window

Bi-fold Windows

Perfect for servery and entertaining areas, aluminium bi-fold windows help you open your home to it’s full potential. Our smooth gliding tracks and the wide array of configurations available will give your home the perfect touch of class and functionality.
548 High-Performance Bi-fold Window

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are a classic and functional look for any room of the house. Double hung windows provide amazing performance, especially so when double glazed! Highly durable with great energy efficiency potential. For an added touch of class, ask us about our stunning sashless double hung windows.
514 Residential Double Hung Window
463 Architectural Double Hung Window
464 ClearVENT Sashless Double Hung Window

Awning & Casement Windows

We don’t just provide modern styles to our customers; we also like to keep things traditional and that has never been clearer than with our casement windows. These windows are carefully developed to open either inwards or outwards and with a great range of style options available, even this traditional method doesn’t have to be classical in appearance.

One of our most popular windows for people concerned with safety and security; our aluminium awning windows are cleverly designed to open and close vertically, with a secure locking mechanism that is strong enough to keep out even the strongest of weather. They are also a great way to control the levels of ventilation with an easy to operate sliding function so you’ll not only receive the security that you want, but the style and comfort that you deserve.

516 Awning/Casement Window (50mm)
517 Awning/Casement Window (102mm)
532 SoundOUT Casement Window
466 Architectural Awning/Casement Window
467 Architectural Awning/Casement Window w/ Truth
468 Architectural Awning/Casement Window w/ Truth (100mm)
668 Architectural Awning/Casement Window w/ Truth (150mm)
616 MAGNUM Awning/Casement Window
616TR Magnum Awning/Casement Window w/Truth
726 Thermally Broken Awning/Casement Window
726TR Thermally Broken Awning/Casement Window