Residential Doors

Who says that the access to your home has to be bland and boring? Even moving from room to room doesn’t have to be a monotonous experience that you don’t pay attention to and that’s where we come in. At Orion Aluminium even the most common method of entry has become something that we’ve specialised in for years! From the moment that someone walks in to your home, to the moment that they leave it, they’ll feel your style, elegance and comfort without even realising it.

Our aluminium doors aren’t just your run of the mill doors either, we pride ourselves on the great range that we have available, their unique functionality, energy efficiency and sleek look. If you’re looking for a unique approach to the entry points in and around your home, then we are guaranteed to have something for you!

Sliding Doors

If you’re looking for a great way to create an expansive room, let plenty of natural light in and make the most of the fresh summer air, our sliding doors can do just that and more. Ideal for interior use or as connectivity points between rooms, your property will feel so much larger and spacious than before. One of the main problem with typically bulky hinged doors is that they’ll often restrict a certain part of the room, but that’s not the case with our sliding doors! Ours are constructed using the highest quality glass around with a sturdy aluminium frame to match.
533 SoundOUT Sliding Door
541 Residential Sliding Door
542 Residential Stacking Sliding Door
618 MAGNUM Sliding Door
731 Thermally Broken Sliding Door
702 SlideMASTER Sliding Door (External Sliding)
704 SlideMASTER Sliding Door (Internal Sliding)
852 Thermally Broken Sliding Door

Hinged Doors

If you’d prefer to keep things simple then you’ll still appreciate the fact that you don’t have to lose out on style! Even our standard hinged doors come in a great range of styles and appearances so you’ll be sure to find one that matches your preference. Our hinged doors also come in frameless and aluminium frame options so you’ll really be able to go as detailed as you want while you design your property.
548 High Performance Hinged Door
549 Residential Hinged Door
650 Architectural Hinged Door
729 Thermally Broken Hinged Door
852 Thermally Broken Hinged Door

Bi-fold Doors

With a modern take on a classical style of doorway, our aluminium bi-fold doors go way beyond the standard hinge mechanism that you’ll find in many common locations. These bi-fold doors actively fold in to one another, one panel at a time, until you’re left with a spacious, expansive room when folded open, or a secure, private and stylish location when folded shut.
548 High Performance Bi-fold Door
730 Thermally Broken Bi-fold Door
410 FoldMASTER Bi-fold Door (Bottom Rolling)
411 ViewMASTER Bi-fold Door (Top Hung)
412 ViewMASTER Bi-fold Door (Bottom Rolling)
831 Thermally Broken E3 Bi-fold Door (Top Hung)
832 Thermally Broken F3 Bi-fold Door (Bottom Rolling)