Owning a home or property is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Having the space to do what you want, when you want and how you want, is something that most people aspire to be able to do. That’s why at Orion Aluminium, we specialise in helping you to customise your own space with a great range of aluminium windows and doors to suit your exact needs.

Here at Orion Aluminium, we understand just how important it is to really make your home feel as comfortable as possible. How your home looks and feels both internally and externally, can really affect how you feel on the inside.¬†Whether you’re looking to update the current appearance of your property, replace old windows and doors, or even install a brand new set to give a specific room a unique, fresh feel, then our range of products are guaranteed to get you on your way!

As proud manufacturers of Australia’s leading range of aluminium windows and doors, we use the highest quality materials for all of our windows and doors which have been designed, tested and certified right here in Australia.


So What Sort of Products Do We Offer?

We offer a huge variety of aluminium windows and doors. Our design team spent as much time developing aesthetically pleasing products as they did ensuring that those products remain reliable, sturdy and stunning in every way. Our range of aluminium windows and doors cover an even greater range of styles and you won’t lose out on quality if you opt for one style over another.

All of our glass is manufactured to the highest possible standards and our aluminium is nothing short of exemplary. Combining the two materials only goes to enhance the general reliability of your windows and doors, whilst ensuring that everything simply looks great!

It’s not just our aluminium windows and doors that are ideal for your residential needs; we also provide a great range of other functional home fittings. Our louvres are stylish, affordable and most importantly, safe. They can be mounted onto most materials and make a fantastic feature for both indoor and outdoor use.

One of our most elegant products are our frameless pool fences. These fences do exactly what’s expected and much more. They’ll protect and shield your pool and poolside from internal and external activity, whilst looking as stunning as any of our other frameless products. There’s something so elegantly clean about going frameless, so what better way to compliment the aesthetics of your pool than with your very own pool fence?

So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today, our friendly team are more than happy to discuss any and all of your residential requirements now! We offer an even greater range of products than mentioned above, so please feel free to take a look through the rest of our website for more information.