Do you run a successful high street store and it’s in need of a change of appearance? Perhaps you’re just starting out and require an attention grabbing shop front to really get the customers to notice? Whatever you need us for, Orion Aluminium are here for you! All of our shop fronts, windows and doors are built using some of the highest quality materials available, so you’ll never have to worry about being overlooked in favour of your competitors. We also offer different types of commercial shop fronts to suit your exact requirements; whatever your business provides, we can guarantee to have a design to suite you!

Aluminium Frames

One of our most popular products are our aluminium frames. They stay strong and sturdy, clean and professional, with a hint of individuality that’s guaranteed to get your point across.

It’s easy to go for cheap, flimsy frames that will struggle to hold as the years go by, but besides the obvious reduction in appearance you might fall victim to a dangerous installment, especially if the materials used aren’t ideal for their purpose. That’s why we guarantee that only the finest aluminium frames will leave our warehouse before making their way to you, so that you really can relax in the knowledge that your shop front will not only look amazing, but it will also be able to stand the test of time and the effects of the elements!

Series 400 – CentreGLAZE™

Series 620 – CentreGLAZE™

Series 424 – CentreGLAZE™

Series 624 – CentreGLAZE™

Series 406 – FrontGLAZE™

Series 606 – FrontGLAZE™

Series 426 – FrontGLAZE™

Series 626 – FrontGLAZE™

Series 646 – SoundOUT™ FrontGLAZE™

Series 80 – Narrow Offset Framing

Series 600 – Wide Offset Framing

Series 407 – FaceLINE™

Series 607 – FaceLINE™

Series 936 – FrontGLAZE™

Frameless Windows

If you’re looking for something a little more elegant than your traditional window and door frame set, then why not take a look at our range of frameless windows? Available in a range of sizes, thicknesses and tints, you’ll never have to worry about finding something to match your tastes. What’s even more is that all of our windows can be customised to suite you, so if you have a unique angle or shape to your shop front, we’ll be able to match it.

We use the highest quality glass for all of our windows and doors and that doesn’t change with our frameless ones either. You’ll be amazed at just how much larger your space appears when there aren’t any frames involved and your customers will love the extra room to move!

So if you’re looking for a great range of aluminium windows and doors for your shop front, why not get in touch with our friendly team today? We’d love to help you with whatever you have in mind and we’ll even go as far as to discuss what might look best, what materials are better suited to your needs and how you can get the most from us today. Don’t hesitate, if it’s a shop front that you need designed and installed, Orion Aluminium are here for you.