Nothing quite welcomes your customers like a high quality, professional looking door! You can forget the sign outside or whatever you have in the window; the real first impression is gained when a person walks into your location. If you own a shop or store, or are looking to renovate a building with the intention of turning it into a bustling store full of customers, then it might be a good idea to invest in one of our quality door frames to really get the ball rolling.

All of our doors and frames are built using the highest quality materials so you’ll never have to worry about our products losing out to the elements or the effects of time and weather. Our materials will stay in top tip condition for years to come!

We also stock a huge range of door styles so you’ll never be limited on what you decide to go for. From hinged to frameless, we have a type of door that’s not only guaranteed to look good, but it will also match your preferences perfectly.

Hinged Doors

One of our most popular door styles, our hinged doors, are constructed using a high quality and sturdy aluminium frame. With the option for single entry, reverse entry and dual entry, our hinged doors are suited for a wide variety of requirements. One of the most beneficial reasons to choose a hinged door is that they can be customised with your own handles, knobs and locking mechanisms, too. The main aspect of the hinge is the way that it works, so you can even choose to go for a glass, frameless or other type of door that matches your style!
50 Commercial Door (Single Side Beaded)
52 Commercial Door (Double Side Beaded)
650 Architectural Hinged Door
729 Thermally Broken Hinged Door
852 Thermally Broken Hinged Door

Sliding Doors

Nothing quite says elegance, style and professionalism like a clean, smooth sliding door. They are one of the most effective ways to expand the space in a room as there’s no need for a hinge; the only thing that you’ll need to do is enjoy opening and closing the door in a stylish manner. The doors themselves come with a high quality aluminium frame which only goes to enhance the strength and durability of the overall structure. What’s more is that there’s no loss of space; you can utilize every inch of the room without a loss to your movement.

442Commercial Sliding Door
471Apartment Sliding Door
642Commercial Stacking Sliding Door (150mm)
702SlideMASTER Sliding Door (External Sliding)
704SlideMASTER Sliding Door (Internal Sliding)
852Thermally Broken Sliding Door

Sliding Doors

If you like the idea of a hinged door for your commercial location, but you want a bit of individuality, then why not try our unique range of bi-folding doors? They work in much the same way as hinged doors, only they function by making use of several panels that fold towards one another. This method not only provides more space than with your standard hinged door, but it also looks great for businesses and shop fronts too.

410 FoldMASTER Bi-fold Door (Bottom Rolling)
411 ViewMASTER Bi-fold Door (Top Hung)
412 ViewMASTER Bi-fold Door (Bottom Rolling)
831 Thermally Broken E3 Bi-fold Door (Top Hung)
832 Thermally Broken F3 Bi-fold Door (Bottom Rolling)