Are you looking for a great range of aluminium windows and doors, with a sleek┬ástyle, durability whilst remaining fairly priced? Well you don’t need to look any further than here at Orion Aluminium. All of our windows and doors are manufactured to the highest standards imaginable, with careful attention to detail and absolute functionality in mind. Your satisfaction is our priority and it’s this important fact that we put above all else.

One of the greatest sights in the world has to be the look and feel of a brand new set of stylish windows that overlook the busy streets below. When you compliment the general aesthetic of your store or office, or even just to add finishing touches to your commercial building overall, everyone will notice. Not only do we offer a great range of elegantly designed aluminium windows, but we have hundreds of doors and frames to match; ideal if you’re looking for a way to really make your location stand out from the crowd.

What Can We Do For You?

So what can you expect from our team at Orion Aluminium? Well, nothing short of perfection! Our windows and doors are manufactured using some of the most reliable, sturdy and quality materials around and this means that by choosing us your windows and doors will captivate the attention of anyone looking, stand resilient against both time and weather, and will look as great all year round as they did at the time of their installation!

We understand just how important it can be to create a great and lasting first impression so a clean, unique appearance to your office or commercial building can be the difference between a successful project and a potential client walking away. With Orion Aluminium windows and doors, you’ll never have to worry about your location giving the wrong impression ever again.

What Sort of Styles Do We Have?

With hundreds of designs to choose from you’re guaranteed to find a style to suit your exact requirements. If you’re looking for a futuristic and elegant look to your building why not try our frameless glass windows? Guaranteed to enhance the appearance of your office, you’ll also appreciate just how much bigger the place looks without the need for frames and panels.

Perhaps you prefer a more traditional approach to business? How about a set of matching aluminium windows to fit your location perfectly? We offer a range of casement, sliding and awning windows that are ideal for a huge range of commercial needs. Even if your location has an awkward angle, length or height, our professional team are ready to customise your window to suit you!

Don’t just accept standard windows and doors for your business; when it comes to all of your commercial needs, Orion Aluminium are really here for you. We value our customers above all else and would love nothing more than to discuss your options with you today. Get in touch with us to arrange your project now.